When do we start? Who's in?

Who’s for getting this forum started already? Is this forum still a wait-and-see reserve option or are we trying to get it going already? I might start some regular threads if I thought several others were interested in getting this forum going.

If 10-20 particular members from gardenweb follow over here, I think I could be very happy with this forum.

Floyd, when I created it I was worried the whole GW community would disappear. That didn’t happen, but now that this is set up, it could be a good alternative space with fewer complete newbie type posts. So I for one will keep coming here.


I as well will be checking in.


I fear I may be one of those asking beginner level questions, but I’ll stop by and use this site if it becomes an active alternative to the new houzz.

I’m going to be checking in on this forum. So much better than Houzz!

Glad you like it Olpea!

CItyman, please feel free to stay. I wasn’t complaining about all newbie posts, just too many of them. GW used to have fairly low traffic and I could keep up with all the questions, but now its a bit overwhelming sometimes.



Hi all,

I’m definitely on the newbie side of the fence as well, but I try to research everything as much as I can before asking questions. That was one of the things that lead me to GW in the first place - all the Google hits that came up for the Fruit & Orchard forum.

But I think this is great alternative if we can get some momentum. I think the key to that is having more content here, so I’ll be asking some questions and sharing the meager spoonfuls I’ve picked up along the way.

I can hardly wait for Spring!


Thanks for setting this up. I hope the site will flourish.

Hello, everyone!

Hi Weatherman, Mamuang, Zendog, Cityman, Cousin,

Glad to see you all here! Like Zendog, I hope this site is able to gain some momentum.

Hi Olpea,

I hope we can find ways to attract new comers. That’s the way for this site to be sustainable and expand.

I’m glad to see you all here.
Since I work from 5:00 pm to 1:30 am plus overtime, I will be visiting and posting in the morning, I will also be posting during my breaks.

I think the best way to expand this is to e-mail other you’d like to see involved. That will keep it more a community than if we reached out more publicly. It already feels more like our own community to me than Gardenweb ever did.

Thanks again Scot. Don’t be shy about asking for any $ contributions or other help I might provide.

Count me in!



Hello all

I will be checking in on the daily basis. I’m glad to see you guys here.



I’m not wanting to be overly optimistic, but it’s hard not to get a little jazzed by the small community here. Welcome aboard everyone.

Glad to see you all here. I’ll be visiting regularly. I believe that it is important to have content so that Google will rank it high. I think newbie questions should be welcomed, at least initially, to build content. I knew about this site when somebody mentioned it indirectly on GW.

Andrew - SW MO

Hope to hear from MileHi, Harvestman, and Eric from Dane county soon.

Harvestman IS here as… Alan