When does Oullins plum bloom?

I received a supposed Ouillins Gage plum from Cummins last year. I planted it Spring 2014 and it grew really well. This spring it has several flowers which bloomed earlier than my peaches.

I’m 98% sure I got something other than an Ouillins plum (instead got an Asian plum) but I thought I would check here.

Ouillins Gage is supposed to be a Euro plum, and all my Euro plums bloom later than peaches. Additionally, Euro plums grow slower for me than Asian plums. Also Euro plums generally aren’t that precocious. Lastly Euro plums bloom mostly on spurs, but this plum is blooming on new one year wood. I’m thinking if it looks, walks, smells like a duck…

Anyone out there grow this? If so, can you confirm bloom time relative to peaches?

Here is a pic I took a few days ago:

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It looks like a E. plum from the photo, but Oullins blooms with other Es.
I’ve never known Oullins or any other E. plum to flower that young.