When first persimmon fruit after grafting?

So I have grafted 50 or so varieties of persimmons this year. All to very established native trees. A few photos below as an example. Varieties grafted include Names such as juhl, Hachiya, fuyu, eureka, saijo, giombio, f26, h63a, Morris burton, etc…

My question is, considering g the large root stocks and all these varieties, when do I get my first persimmons.??

Zone 8b


My trees have taken about 7 years from graft to fruit on understock like yours. I don’t manage my persimmon trees intensively… no weed control or fertilization, but with management they might fruit sooner. I have Prok, Rosseyanka, and Golden Supreme.

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Dang. I was hoping for much sooner than that…

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Always a waiting game.

I’ll give you a glimmer of hope, I grafted on one last year same size as the bottom picture, it grew 6’ last year, just leafing out now and I think it’s going to bloom.



In my limited experience, Persimmon grafts can flowers quite readily. All mine have flowered in their 2nd or 3rd year after grafting.

However, setting fruit is another story.
My Prok set fruit after year 2 of flowering. My Nikita’s Gift have flowered for 5 years before it decided to hold on to the fruit.


Hopefully your mileage may vary applies here.

Being as I’ve done 80 varieties on mature rootstock. I am hoping that I stumble on a combo that gives me something on at least one or two soonlike.


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