When should I graft to rootstocks?

My rootstocks will ship on Monday. I currently have my scions in the refrigerator. It’s still winter outside with snowpack and frozen ground. What should I do? Thanks. Ed

Hi Ed

If you have apple scions then you can do bench graft. In addition, you can also pot them up and leave them by the windows to leaf out then graft them or leave the rootstocks in the fridge to stay dormant until your weather allows you to plant them.


Thanks that helps a lot. So if I decide to do a bench graft, do I pot them up immediately, or refrigerate the grafted rootstock? I never did this before hence all the questions.

I have very similar questions. I’ve never bench grafted but I have some bud9 rootstock and several scion varieties to play with. Right now both are dormant. I think I’m going to graft and pot mine until at least this fall when I will put them in the ground. Just not sure when to get started

Right now I’m thinking about potting the rootstock for a little while, and then grafting. How does that sound for a plan? This is a first time for me grafting, so any comments are appreciated. Ed


Sounds good or If your rootstocks are still dormant and the ground is workable then you can plant them now and wait until they buds out then graft.


If I stick the rootstocks in pots do I just sit them outside? How much cold can they take? How much sun can they take?

If the root stocks are dormant then they can handle the cold just like a dormant tree. Sunny days should not be an issue. The root stocks will buds out when you have long warm peroid. Once they buds out then you can bring them indoor once in a while to protect from late frost.