When to fertilize blueberries in SE Georgia?

Here in SE GA z9a. My two small blueberry bushes have had buds for a week or so. The weather has been cool/cold. All off a sudden a heat wave 80*, and they are breaking bud. Is it too early to fertilize? Usually fertilizing is a month away. Feb and early March can be really cold, in the 20s. Thanks

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I think Ison nursery recommends fertilizing them in mid March, likely to avoid stimulating strong growth before the last strong frost, which has the potential to harm the plants.


Yeh, always tempting to fertilize early when growth starts. I’ll wait.

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We always have a cold snap about mid March in SE GA.
If they’re blooming then or have small fruit, watch out. We lost our entire crop two years ago.


Agreed. I can cover my bushes if necessary. I’m in Camden County, where are you?

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Here in southern TN… i fertilize mine early spring as buds begin to swell. I use organic hollytone fertilizer.

My rabbiteyes are 7 ft tall and quite bushy. They produce a lot of nice berries.

All of my varieties must be early or mid ripeners… they are finished fruiting mid July.

As soon as each bush finishes fruiting… i give them another healthy dose of hollytone and a shot of miracle grow high N.

From Mid July until November i have been getting some nice late summer, early fall growth. Have had no tip die back over winter either… even with lows of 3F.

I have been doing this 2x a year fertilizing for the past 4 years… well because prior to that they just were not putting on much new growth.

They are now.

Last spring was the first year that i lost any blueberrry fruit from late frost.

My tifblue rabiteye blooms for extended time… it blooms some early mid and late… makes it a good polinator for most any other rabbiteye.

Last year mid March we got 24-25 two nights in a row the early blossoms on my tiffblue were in full bloom… and got toasted. But… it continued to bloom after that… the mid and later blooms and I still got a good crop from it.

If you are in the south and you have early ripening blueberries you might try fertilizing them a second time… as soon as the last berries are harvested.

It has been working well for me here in southern middle TN.



West of Vidalia. Just saw your question.

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