When to move potted Owari Satsuma outside?

It is spring in our part of the coutntry, day temperatures can reach 60F and even 70F, but nights can go to 32F. I know that Owari Satsuma can take short period of 15F, but what about moving shock? Right now it is near south window with led lights in the 70+ degree room, so it’s local temperature is probably close to 85 on the sunny hours. It is getting too hot and too dry for it, despite the humidifier I run next to it. It dropping older leaves and new shoot leaves curl a bit along the central vein. It really needs some air…

I would wait until temps stay above 32 F even though your tree is relatively cold hardy. Don’t forget to acclimate it to the sun by putting it in shade for 2 weeks.

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Being in direct sunlight,the plant’s top part,might have a higher temperature than the soil,which can cause leaf drop.
Possibly,use filtered light or LED only,until things warm outside,which probably 40F+,for the lows,is about right.
On those warmer days,the thing can be outdoors.Just remember to bring inside at night.