When to remove a tree

Hi All,
This is my first post. I’ve really enjoyed reading through all the great information on this forum and am excited to join the discussion. I’m considering removing a problematic Blenheim apricot tree that was planted three or four years back. Last spring I noticed signs of bacterial canker (sap oozing from several limbs of the tree). I cut the tree all the way back to just above the rootstock to see if it would grow back problem free. It did grow back very nicely without signs of canker through the summer.

But of course this spring I’m seeing sap oozing from a few limbs on the tree again. My question to you all is:

  1. Is this a worthless endeavor? Should I pull this tree out and start over in a new location? Or should I let it grow through the spring and summer and see what happens?
  2. Should/can I replant in the same location with a different type of tree (pear, apple, or plum)? I already have two apples and a plum in the vicinity without issues.

If I do replant another apricot in a different location I will probably try Moorpark. Blenheim blooms too early in my location. We always get a late freeze in March or the only rain of the entire winter right after this tree blooms. I’m hoping the Moorpark will bloom a little later than the Blenheim.

Below are some pictures of the tree.

An example of the canker I found this spring:

A cross section of the wood I cut out with canker last spring. *Note that there was no sings of canker below a certain part of the tree. So I cut out everything that was visible to me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ok, going to continue this post with some updates. The apricot tree has about 10 fruit on it. This would be my first year of fruit so I’m hesitant to rip the tree out. Plus, as an Armenian I feel a strong duty to grow apricots.

Today I cut a few branches that had signs of canker to take a closer look. This was the branch that I cut. Just above a spot with sap oozing out.

I peeled back the cambium and found that there was a streak where the cambium was dead and it was in line with where the sap was.

At this point I’m fairly certain the tree has some sort of bacterial canker. But is that reason enough to tear it out or can it be controlled? Should it be removed immediately or can I wait a growing season? I would like to replant a tree in the same area, especially since sunny space is hard to come by in my yard. I’m thinking I would put a pear in that spot and replant and apricot in a completely different spot. Anyway, if anyone has any feedback I’d love to hear from you. I’m sure this topic has been covered before, but it would be nice to connect with others who have experienced the same issues or have more knowledge on the subject.

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I would just let it go and keep it sprayed with fungicide/insecticide. I have quite a few stone fruit trees and I guarantee I can go find sap oozing on several of them. If I’m not mistaken peach borers and several other things will result in oozing sap.

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I had a Blenheim when I lived in Delaware (way wetter than where you are), it had mild canker that I kept under good control by spraying copper with sticker a couple of weeks before bloom. Had it for 6 years and it was very productive. Loved its flavor.