Where are the persimmons?

Hello all who live in a warmer zone than I (and to all others too). I live in Qc, Can. and I’ve been looking for persimmons in stores over the last couple of weeks. Where are they? When will you ship them to us? Lol. I want them!!!

We’re hoarding them!


What a beautiful picture Richard! Thanks! I might frame it to stare at it some more while waiting! lol

I don’t know which varieties are shown in the pictured stack, but they sure were picked sooner than the non-artringent Suruga, Hana Fuyu, and Fuyu persimmons here get picked for prime eating. Rather than being detached from the trees when the fruit leaves are still greenish, the taste peaks when the leaves are 100% dry, brown, and crumbly. Grown at home and picked when prime to eat. Great concept.

Those in the photo above looked like Hachiya. I just bought 10 lbs of Hachiya and let them sit on the counter to ripe. They will slowly ripen in the next 3 weeks. Last year I bought 40lbs and let them ripened and kept them in the freezer and have sweet ripened Hachiya all year round.



Interesting, so that means they might simply not be ready yet?


I saw costco just got in Fuyu persimmons the other day.

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I was becomming worried that we wouldn’t get any because of the weather this year.

Yes, they were grown on a farm off Gopher Canyon Road in Bonsall.

The Jiro’s in my neighborhood are ripe.