Where are you at and what trees would you graft again?


I spend many hours on the road and the radio/cd player gets boring so I have fixed many recipes and gardening problems. I’m now thinking about which apples I will graft this year and to which failures they will fit best.
The best apples I have that have fruited and I will graft these this spring:
Baldwin. Spectacular cooker, cider, and out of hand apple. No disease problems for me and good natural tree structure. New trees on G890.
Orleans Reinette. Spectacular cooker and out of hand apple. New trees on G890.
Regrafting Wickson and Rubiayat to Royal Empire and Chieftain. Both apples eat well and perform well for me. Excellent eaters and very beautiful fruit.
Regrafting Cox to Westfield Seek No Further. Surprised me how good it was.
Regrafting Kingston Black to Karmijn de S. Nice flavors but some scab.

Share with all of us your plans for failures and successes.


If it has apples, how is it a failure?


Just because a tree fruits, does’t mean it’s a success. Maybe for reproduction, but not necessarily for the grower/owner.
Sweet/sour/bitter/mealy/diseased/rot prone/ripening/cracking/insects/soft/hard/dry and other descriptions are all failures and reasons that a tree can be a failure for the grower. Of course location and culture come into play, but success and failure ultimately rests on the individual taste of the grower/owner.
For example, Ashmead’s Kernal on G935. Very nice tree, grows well. Rootstock is precocious but the scion has produced 2 apples in 6 years. Fail!
Cox on g935, Nice tree, blooms and sets well, fruit turns to cracked apple raisins by July. Fail!
Wickson on g935. Apples the size of the last knuckle of my index finger. Dry and rotten by September. Fail!
Gala on m7. Fireblight magnet, THICK skin, cloyingly sweet. Fail!

Three out of the four named are famous for flavor, texture. But they aren’t justified because of issues they have.
Because I’m going on 66, my choices are made to which trees will be best in my growing region. If they can’t succeed, then they will be changed to what will succeed.


“Just because a tree fruits, doesn’t mean it’s a success.” So right. I had Queen Cox at first (bud sport of COP and reputed the better tree). It set fruit each year and the leaves of the tree went crispy by August. Whatever the roots had to offer was put into fruit, which had a bad taste. Tore it out; before I had begun grafting.
Two seasons back my Rambour Franc made spectacular debut bloom and overset. Thinning it to much less than a third the crop wasn’t enough for it to bloom at all the following season. Add to that nearly all fruit dropped before full ripeness, and I decided to top-work it this spring. Its fruit is good; the tree is marginal. Here’s hoping Discovery does better, even if it is rather tardy to bear.

Then there is the mislabeled tree. Glockenapfel awaits in the 'fridge to top-work that stock. Sure glad I’m learning to graft!


Iam going to graft "that "pear tree over again,
A seckle
Ran it over twice last year with my tractor.
It not in a good spot…obviously …
But it sprouted back up
So I’ll see how long it lasts this time ?