Where can I buy a Selah Cherry?

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Looking to buy a Selah Cherry - Does anyone know where I can order one?
Also does anyone know chill hours/pollination for Selah?

What other cherry varieties are crisp and red inside? Bing and Rainier are crisp but not red inside.

I got Selah from one of the large commercial nurseries in WA possibly Van Well.

My memory isn’t what it used to be but I’d say Bing is red inside and it’s certainly very tasty.

You might want to consider Benton and Sandra Rose but it depends on where you are located. Cherries require a real winter or at least a decent winter for chill and proper flower development.

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Sweet cherries are either red/black (like Bing and yes, Selah) or yellow/pink (like Ranier).
Sour cherries, of the amarelle type, like Early Richmond or Montmorency, are the only true red cherries I can think of.

Fowler nurseries has the Selah variety listed, but you have to send in an order form and/or call them to see if they have it and will ship to you.

Hope that helps

Fowler only ships wholesale orders; retail is sold on-site only, January 12th through March 3rd 2018 FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS ONLY, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Also, only a limited number of varieties are sold retail, Selah is not included (Benton and Sandra Rose are).

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Thanks for the info, Stan.

Try Brant’s Fruit they are one of the growers licensed to propagate WSU varieties http://brandtsfruittrees.com/

I remember that, too.

If you are referring to Fowler Nurseries in Newcastle, CA (www.fowlernurseries.com) they DO INDEED do mail order. I have purchased from them before and I just called them to verify that they still ship trees. Also, they take orders over the phone. They are an important resource for California gardeners because regulations prevent many out of state nurseries from shipping to us.

Isn’t Sandra Rose a soft cherry?

I’m looking at their order form, http://www.fowlernurseries.com/New%20Pages/Order%20Page.htm, and it says: “Minimum order 50 trees.”

Actually, it says, “Minimum Order 50 trees…10 per variety for
Commercial Pricing.”

Then, “Established Fowler Commercial Customers add $2.00 per tree
when minimum not met.”

And finally, “Retail Sales See “BACKYARD TREE SALES” price list.”

That whole little section is about pricing.

I’ve ordered from them three or four times and have about twelve of
their trees, all delivered to my home via UPS. All very nice trees.

Anyone considering orderiig cherry trees from them should notice that the “for retail sales” trees are on Krymsk6, not Gisela. I have 4 of them, Bing, Brooks, Benton, and Sandra Rose.

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Thanks all.
I called Fowler, Van Well & Brandts. No one is growing Selah this year.