Where can I buy bulk fertilized cornish cross eggs?

Is the answer to this question some type of industry secret? I can’t seem to find any information on the web.

We have been having so many issues with chicks that we are buying from different hatcheries this year that we are seriously considering hatching our own if we can find an egg supplier. I am looking for bulk eggs, about 3000 a month to hatch out for reference.

Please let me know if you know a guy, lol. :slightly_smiling_face:


problem is normal fed cornish crosses dont live long enough to reproduce. obviously, the hatcheries figured out how to do it. likely limiting their breeder’s food intake so they dont cripple themselves at a young age. likely why they have a monopoly on them. maybe inseminating the hens artificially as the roos are too big by time they can breed, that they cant do it themselves. not ideal but maybe consider the slower growing meat breeds like red rangers, that you can raise for your own hatching eggs. yes they take longer to grow out but eat less than Cornish crosses and they are sustainable. 3000 is a tall order though. good luck! i hear you about chick quality. i raise for dual purpose egg layers and have been getting way to many roos in sexed hen orders and higher mortality. my daughter bought a high end incubator so from now on we will be hatching our own. she’s got some olive egger roo with Australorp and Buff Orpington hen eggs i gave her going right now. i got some kind of hen marans from TSC. i think cuckoo. they are 1/3rd. bigger than the R.I Reds of the same age. all are laying at 4 months yet none of my R.I are. curious to see how big these girls get. they are big breasted as well.


I’d totally go with a dual purpose bird like the Red Rangers (we’ve raised them before and I like them), the issue is that our buyer requires USDA certified processing. There is only one processor in our area and they only process Franken-birds… err, I mean Cornish Crosses.

Anyway, thanks for your input! :slight_smile:


They keep the parents of the cross which are proprietary. The parent lines for the cross are not made available to the public so they can control the market.


I’m just trying to figure out where I can buy quality bulk fertilized eggs in my area.

Earlier this year we bought from a local “mom and pop” licensed hatchery that sold a cc knock off, but these chicks were obviously weaker than some of the other large hatcheries we’ve used. The were cheaper too, however you get what you pay for usually. We lost a bunch of chicks one time (they don’t have a replacement policy) and decided to switch to a larger hatchery.

We are really happy with the birds this other hatchery ships, but twice now we have gotten shipments with hundreds of chicks DOA because of the weather or delayed shipping (chicks sitting in a hot semi). They have great customer service and a replacement policy, but three strikes and they’re out.