Where can I get Chaenomeles, Japanese quince plants or seeds in the US?

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I sort of casually asked this same question on an older thread with no luck so I’ll clink the glass and ask here.

Does anybody know where I can get plants or seeds of this - for fruit of course?

I can’t seem to find a reputable source in the US (many selling ‘it’ on ebay & amazon like everything else, to be avoided). I do see an outfit in either Italy or Bulgaria called ‘The Balkan Ecology Project’ that sells seeds but little else. Part of the problem is the overwhelming number of places selling seeds for flowers (plus all the internet scams matching any search term of course!).

I see Oikos sells seeds, but I think their target audience must be breeders or institutions because of the cost ($120).

Anybody have any ideas for a guy just wanting to plant 2 or 3 shrubs in the hedge (to make pigwówka)?

I haven’t read far enough yet to tell how true seeds come, nor how much use any flower cultivars might have for fruit, but finding some useful articles.

The more I read about this (best loved in Baltic region & S to Ukraine far as I can tell) the more I wonder why it seems to be ignored in most ‘grow weird fruit’ and ‘permaculture’ type books. It sure sounds like a nice little addition to a sunny hedge (or perhaps the autotranslation of the Polish websites has misled me).

I have bought from big box stores, from retail garden centers, etc. And Forest Farm and others sell them online. IDK about your hardiness zone?

Z5a, maybe 5b in my garden; I’ve read C. japonica is the only one suitable for that climate (and the one cultivated in PL, etc.)

Did you buy ones sold for flowering? How about the fruit off them?

I’m referring to the ornamental kind. (But I do have a 4 oz. jelly jar of jelly from the decorative kind given to me for fixing an old alumnus’ steps.)

Should be hardy for your zone. (But early blooms mean frosts often kill off any chance for fruits).

raintree sells ‘em. Flowering Quince — Raintree Nursery Its a common plant around old houses too. look for the red or pink flowers in spring and the wild rangey habit the rest of the year and maybe knock on the door? A lot of those aren’t great quality or don’t produce due to lack of a pollenizer, but some do.

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