Where can I get DWN Honey series nectarines?

Where can I get Honey series nectarines?
Honey Royale, Blaze, Lite, etc

Most are commercial only. Grow Organic sells Kist

I found www.acnursery.com has Honey Blaze.
Any one else knows where I can but the rest of the honey series?

Many wholesalers have them, they are not allowed to sell them any other way except wholesale. The people who have them here got them from wholesale purchases. At one time you could special order from DWN a wholesale order. I think 100 trees minimum. Once the patents expire, they might be available?

Thats too bad!

I believe Honey Blaze is only available on the commercial version of their site.

If you have access to Sam’s Club…i see these varieties for a time in the summer being sold (you can usually find the variety on the side of the case///they seem to keep the bags right in the boxes)… I’d just grow out the seed…i would imagine you’ll get something decent…grow a few and graft them over to a tree and test them. It must be a widely grown nectarine in California.

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Just update…Last night at Sam’s Club…

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