Where can I get some persimmon fruit?

I am planning to plant some persimmon trees next spring. The only trouble is I have only ever tasted the asian persimmons from the grocery store.
I am wondering if there is anyone out there that will ship some persimmons to me, especially types that could be grown here in southeast Michigan zone 6a


Check England’s Orchard and Nursery. http://www.nuttrees.net/. American and hybrid should persimmons should work for you.


Will he ship fruit?


I live a few miles from you and plan on putting in some persimmon, too. Nash nursery is in Owosso. They sell persimmon and pawpaw trees. I know they sell pawpaw fruit and stratified seeds, you may want to contact them about persimmon fruit. Oikos Tree Crops near Kalamazoo also has persimmon trees. I’m guessing these places won’t ship fruit due to its mushy nature, but maybe you could tour the nursery and sample from trees? I plan on getting Prok, JT-02, Lehman’s Delight, and maybe Yates. There are some varieties that were sourced from Michigan, too.


You can get persimmons at any Korean
Grocery store.

If you can give me a town your by I can look online
Plenty of resources

I have used the DNR Department of natural resources to look up parks
some other ones If I know where to look, but do not want to do it blindly

I do not need your town if your not comfortable just a close by town .

Someone said about pawpaws I want to know when they ripen there later
I read Neal peterson did go visit a College ,
and they are later there, but not sure myself I have no experience.
(thought about buying land in SE. MI though (I looked), and it’s close to forage travel to.)