Where to buy Apricot Delight treats in the US

Okay, this is slightly off topic, but it is fruit related.

I remember these candies from when I was a kid. We used to get them at a now long defunct health food store.

Apparently they are very popular in Australia, but I can’t find them anywhere in the US.

They call them “Apricot Delight”:

And I think they are made of chopped, sulfured apricots, sugar, gelatin.

Does anybody know where I can get these for under $20 or so?

There are something like those in Bothell,WA at a fruit stand.They come in more of a stick form and have a number of different fruit flavors.I’m not sure if it’s the same thing though. Brady

Are you thinking of Applets and Cotlets? Or apricot logs, which are similar but long cylinders and rolled in coconut?

Yes,Apricot logs,that’s them. Brady

So Murky, these are so EASY to make for MUCH less than $20. And you can vary the ingredients to your liking.

Just sayin’

Thanks for the thought, those would be worth tasting.

It’s a nostalgia thing for me though.

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G’day Murky, yes, those apricot delights are wonderful - I’m sitting in bed with my laptop munching on them right now until my wife comes & takes them off me! The ingredients of these beauties are; dried apricots, dried pears &/or peaches, sugar, glucose, etc
I get mine from south Australia & they are VERY yummy. Getting them for about $11 a kilo + postage.
If you are still having trouble getting them I could possibly post you some. Can’t see another delight fan go without! Cheers from Oz, John

Here is something in the US that looks similar:


Thanks Scott and all, as I am an apricot lover! Can’t wait to order!

Wow, than you guys. Buffalotice, I was contemplating taking you up on your generous offer. I did a quick look at postage rates and figured it might cost 4-5x the cost of the goods to do the shipping.

Scott, that looks very promising. I’ll give it a shot. I’m excited.

Order placed, I’ll report back.

Yes I guess the postage would be a killer. Let me know how you go though. If you get desperate the offer stands. :slight_smile:

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I shouldn’t send this to you until you get your other order but…


They appear to ship only to Australia. I actually ordered some from another site in Australia back in February, but they contacted me after to inform me that their web order form incorrectly calculates international shipping and it would be $35-$40 US for shipping.

Thanks Scott. Mine arrived. I bought 2 bags of apricot and one of peach. They are delicious, I’m not sure if they are exactly the same, but definitely the same idea. I remember them as a little denser and firmer, but that could be altered memory from 35 years ago. Maybe the ones I was used to didn’t have gelatin.

Haven’t tried the peach yet.

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