Where to buy Columnar Apple Trees

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to purchase some columnar apple trees. I live in Illinois, about 20 minutes from St. Louis and can’t find them locally. The only place I have found with stock is naturehills.com. Does anyone know of anywhere else that will ship them to me?

I was just looking at the website, what size do you think the caliper is of the trunks of the apple trees that they are selling?

If you are willing to wait until next year, Stark Bros. carries several of them, but they are out of stock now.

I would check Garden Watchdog before ordering from Nature Hills. Their reviews are overwhelmingly negative.


I have no idea :confused: They have many complaints from the BBB so I am leery about buying from them.

When you want to buy fruit trees online, please google Scoop On+ the name of the nursery. For example
Scoop on Nature Hill nursery. You will get reviews on a garden watchdog, Dave’s Garden.

So far, Nature Hill has overwhelmingly negative reviews. I would stay away.


There are tons of them at Home Depot now.


Thank you Robert. I’ll check there tomorrow. I didn’t even think to try big box stores. It would be awesome to find them locally.

Any nursery or garden center that receives stock from Greenleaf wholesale nursery is a candidate for finding columnar apple trees.


There was a bunch of them at our HD. Looked like no one was buying them because they were some of the only things left.

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Unfortunately, none at mine. I checked this morning.

Raintree nursery carries several columnar apples but they are unfortunately out of stock.

If you can’t find a columnar apple you might try going with just a dwarf apple. A dwarf apple trained to the tall spindle system can be placed at a 3 foot spacing or you might even consider the super spindle system which is done on a 2 foot spacing. This also gives you access to a wide variety of apple cultivars instead of the few cultivars that columnar apples have available.

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Welcome, Staci! One Green World is out of stock now also, but i have been very happy with the trees I’ve picked up there.

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