Where to buy grafted vinifera seedless table grapes?

Does anyone have any sources where I could buy grafted vinifera seedless table grapes like Perlette or Black Monukka? Most of the nurseries that I have seen online are based on the west coast and only offer own rooted grapes which I believe will not thrive on the East Coast due to our soil conditions and pathogens within the soil.


Unfortunately those grapes won’t thrive on the East coast no matter what rootstock they are on. You’ll need to spray a lot to get any fruit.

The grapes bred for humid conditions like Faith, Hope, Joy, and Gratitude will be much easier to grow.

I’m sure you’ve searched around but via fruitnut’s suggestions there is none better place to buy grapevines than Double A Vineyards.


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I am growing Canadice, Reliance, and Himord right now. I have also grown Niagara and Steuben in the past.

I live in Virginia and there are lots of vineyards growing vitis vinifera wine grapes around me so I thought I would give vinifera table grapes a shot. Is there a difference in growing vinifera wine grapes VS growing vinifera table grapes? I was thinking that if the wine vineyards can successfully grow vitis vinifera wine grapes in my area, than I might be able to do the same with vitis vinifera table grapes.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve actually ordered from Double A Vineyards before and have been highly impressed with their selections. Right now they are my go-to nursery for American seedless grapes.

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All I really know about your area is that experienced growers find vinifera grapes very difficult to grow. Maybe they’ll chime in.