Where to buy Rainier on Gisela 3?

Does anyone know anyplace where I can buy Rainier on Gisela 3? Raintree is sold out for this year.

Thank you!

was going to suggest burnt ridge since they seem to have the same supplier for many things. but they also only have g5 (and mazzard…)

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I think Raintree is the only source for cherries on the Gisela 3 rootstock. If you want a tree this year I would suggest getting the Rainer on Gisela 5 from Burnt Ridge mentioned above. I have several trees on Gisela 5 and the size/vigor is a lot lower than mazzard. Fruit set is good, really too good for commercial grower since this tends to make the fruit smaller. Gisela 5 is more tolerant of different soil conditions and will bounce back from damage better than Gisela 3. All in all I think you would be happy with a tree on Gisela 5.


If it is strictly about size\productivity, you could get one on NR-1 from Peaceful Valley. Otherwise, yeah, G5 is a great rootstock!

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Thank you all! It’s for growing in a container, I have a rainier on G5 and its far too vigorous for container. If I am unable to find one on G3, I might have to go with one on NewRoot like AngelOreo suggested.

Thank you!

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now I’m nervous, I have surefire on g5 coming from raintree specifically for a 25gal container. they claim g3 is ok with 20gal and g5 in 25gal on this page:

maybe I’ll be ok since sour cherries are smaller. what kind of container is your rainier on g5 in? how big is it getting?

also have utah giant and craig’s crimson (naturally smaller) coming from groworganic on newroot1

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I had a Rainier on G5 and a Rainier on Newroot both in the ground. The G5 got much taller than newroot. My Rainier was more vigorous than my Lapins and Bing in ground. G3 was the smallest in ground. For me G3 trees were much smaller than Newroot trees - The reason why I am looking for Rainier on G3. DWN has a youtube video with a Newroot cherry in a container for 5 years and looks great!

Raintree has Bing and Lapins on G3 still available. I ordered the Bing but trying to decide between Rainier on Newroot @ GrowOrganic or Lapins on G3 @ Raintree.

I have also ordered a BlackTartarian and RoyalRainier on Newroot at Alden lane.

No experience with container cherries yet. this will be the first time :slight_smile:

Good Luck! Keep me posted on how your container cherries do!

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thank you. I saw that same dwn video and was inspired by it. I have a bunch of gardening projects going now but potted cherry trees have really captured my imagination, even though I’ll probably always get more out of my in-ground cherries it just seems like a cool idea

I’m still learning how to container grow but so far my notes are, use a good potting mix (I buy by the yard from a good local mixer since bags are so much more expensive), hook them up to auto irrigation so they always get regular water, going dry for two days this year set my potted stuff back by months (I prefer micro sprayers so top dressed fertilizer can be wetted in - I use “spot spitters”), and use osmocote plus or similar slow release fertilizer so monthly fertilizing isn’t needed (this gets expensive unless you get a 50lb bag or find it on clearance somewhere). pH and EC monitoring is also pretty important according to most extension guides for potted nursery producers, unfortunately there isn’t a “cheap, accurate, fast” soil pH meter so you have to decide how important that is. there are cheap, accurate, fast EC meters since it’s an easier measurement, electrically

speaking of dwn, I built a pot dolly in the zaiger style based on another of their videos, once I realized how heavy 25gal pots were:
from https://youtu.be/ixLdH8d1nNo?t=1620

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Vigor in the ground and in a pot will be different for the same variety/rootstock combination. A tree in a pot will be much less vigorous because of a smaller root system.

There have been a lot of bad reports for trees on Newroot, it seems to be a very problematic rootstock.


Night and day difference. I was waiting to see if anyone had made a comment on the natural dwarfing properties of growing in a pot.

Use a fabric or other air-pruning pot. This will not stop the roots from growing, but it will encourage them to branch out and build a denser structure. Start with a 15g, then size up the following year. This will encourage the tree to continue building a large and dense root system. The extra fiborous roots will help the tree take in water and nutrients which are a little trickier with pots. If you ever decide to put it in the ground, the large root system will help it as well.


Oh really? Yikes. Do you mind sharing more info? I’d prefer not to dive to deeply myself or reccomended the NR-1 depending on the issues and locations.

Any info would be appreciated.



I’ve not made any notes on the subject so if you want to find details you’ll have to do a search.

Curious what the bad reports are on newroot-1 rootstock since I am buying 5 trees with it. I have heard on the Gisela 3 rootstock there have been problems though. I heard 75% of Gisela 3 rootstocks survive after 3 years so around 1 in 4 will die. I am wondering what your information on newroot-1 rootstock is.