Where to buy strawberry seeds near Miami?

Anybody know of a good website near Miami that ships strawberry seeds? I live in Dominican republic atm and looked everywhere online.ebay and Amazon have either crazy prices or they ship in July😁.shipping address is Miami area zipcode 33191.

seeds or starter plants?

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Seeds.i don’t think plants can be transported over here.

Florida may have an ‘inspection station’ but they sure don’t stop every car or suv passing to and from the state.

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Lets be realistic. The chances of finding strawberry seeds online that can reach your homebox before it ships are low. And if you want seeds that produce fruit similar in size to commercial berries there slim to none. Commercial berries aka garden strawberries Fragaria × ananassa turn up in retail less then small alpine vesca types. But you can find them try Fruit Seeds, Berry Seeds, Plants & Plugs | Johnny's Selected Seeds or Search Results But none of them will reach your box in time.

If you dont care about getting cultivar quality then go with the ebay seeds from china and ship them directly to the Dominican Republic just check the listing most of them will ship world wide. Sure they will take 60 days but they dont cost much. There is also the whole pick the seeds off a berry from the grocery store route. it never hurts to try.


Thanks for the help guys.i live in area where there’s not much fruit selection except maybe pineapples,papaya and bananas.

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