Where to buy sulphur? And which one?

Soil ph is the least of your concerns. Addition of nitrogen fertilizer will tend to acidify the soil over time. Lime will eventually be needed to keep the ph balanced. Am I correct you intend to fertilize the trees this year? If so, it will counteract the effect of using lime-sulfur.

Do you make your own LimeSulfur?

Do you use dolomitic lime because your soil is also deficient in magnesium?

Do I remember correctly that you posted a great account about making your own LimeSulfur? I haven’t tried it!

My magnesium level is .30, so within normal range of .25-.50. Not necessary to add magnesium …but dolomitic lime is what’s easily available.

I was having the same problem. I was trying to get bags that were ~50lbs because I need large amounts for my high pH soil (7.5 in my garden due to natural limestone). They just weren’t available. One day I randomly found Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide in these smaller bags at TSC and I bought all the ones on the shelf. Maybe they are available in KY?

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