Where to buy Univ. of Arkansas Blackberry Plants?

I have been doing a bit of searching and it seems like pricing and sizing is all over the place on these. I have found a few places that don’t list size and have seen a couple of stories of people getting plants that weren’t true to type.

That being said, any suggestions on where to get a few of these that are healthy and true to type plants without overpaying for them? I also need to replace a dead blueberry plant and want to add a few raspberries as well.

Indiana Berry sells bare root Prime Ark canes. They aren’t shipping until May and some varieties are sold out:

I bought several from Lowes. That would be the first place I check as you will get a better plant than mail order.

I’ve always been VERY pleased with everything I got from Simmons Plant Farm(in AR). Pense and Nourse have been good, and both carry some of the UofAR varieties.

I second Indiana Berry. They’ve always sent me good plants with good roots. I actually am expecting four BB plants from them very soon.

I’ve ordered blue, goose and raspberry plants from them and have not had great success with them, the gooseberries were short little twigs. Quite a few of my rasps from them didn’t last a year, but that may due to me, not the plants. But all the blackberries I’ve got from them have done very well.

One good thing about IB compared to Nourse and Pense is that you can buy one plant, and not the minimum of 3 from Pense and 5 from Nourse.