Where to buy Witch Finger grape plants or Cotton Candy?

Is anybody familiar with these grape plants? These are table grapes develop in Arkansas and grown in California.

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There was a conversation about this once, and I think the conclusion was that you can’t buy the plants.



Yup! Designer fruit available only to commercial orchards. May never be available to others. Certainly not until the market moves on or patent expires.

Not Arkansas BTW:


That’s a downside of Seedless grapes.
They’re a genetic dead end.

I’d love to get some of those cotton candy grapes one day. I don’t care if they are a genetic dead end.

The whole point is that
If they had seeds
You would be able to propagate a plant
very similar to the parents.
The Corporate Empire would be unable to stop you.

Here’s a thread on how to propagate plant material from just a little bit of material. I do not have the knowledge or materials (or desire) to do so, but reading about it was interesting.

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