Where to find Torakuri chestnut?

Does anyone know where I can get a few grafted Torakuri chestnut trees this Fall? I’m in Clovis, CA (San Joaquin Valley).

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Hi @Watson , welcome to GrowingFruit! Perhaps @castanea will have an answer for you.

I suggest trying Burnt Ridge Nursery and Fruitwood Nursery. I think they’re your best bet. Good luck

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I don’t know of a source. The primary producer of grafted chestnut cultivars on the west coast was Washington Chestnut Company but they went out of business 2-3 years ago.Your best option for difficult to find sativa/crenata cultivars is usually to buy or grow Colossal seedlings for rootstock and do your own grafting.

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Thanks. I appreciate the response.
I did try that. They died. :sob:

Keep trying. Grafting sativa/crenata on sativa/crenata is one of the easiest ways to graft chestnuts.

Fruitwood Nursery seems to have a couple sticks of Torakuri scion wood left. If you aren’t comfortable with your own grafting, you might consider calling Buzz Ferver at Perfect Circle nursery and asking if he would custom graft you some trees if you sent him the wood. There might be others who could do it for you as well.


Even if Buzz had rootstock for Torakuri wood, he could not ship trees to California.

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Ah, I didn’t think of that. Hopefully a grafter from California can be found then.

In theory Burnt Ridge might do it.


Fruitwood will do custom grafting if the price is right.

In theory, yes, but they really don’t want to, and don’t necessarily have the rootstock to do it anyway. That’s why they sell cuttings.
But like you say, “if the price is right”

Burnt Ridge will graft Torakuri for me if I send scions! Yay!