Where to get insecticides for orchard

The place I get it locally has decided they no longer sell to small outfits a ton or less they say. So where can I get imidan now? Anywhere in Washington or Oregon?

Great against Apple maggots.
I would ask a commercial Apple grower.

@murky any ideas?

I’ve tried calling apple growers all closed for the season. Well maybe I won’t get any clean apples this year. :worried:

Imidan has been reclassified for shipping. It is now classed as a hazmat material so shipping costs are higher and some suppliers have dropped carrying it and are recommending alternatives. Here are two suppliers that still have it.

I was hoping for a local supplier but if not I will order from either of those thank you


I am not a good source for info on insecticide. I grow organically.
John S

What do you use organically for coddling moth?

He just coddles them, and they decide “ok we’re not going to hurt your apples this year”.


That’s a good one but I’m curious if I should use organic but I definitely don’t want to be spray every week. I actually go outside the rec interval now and do ok

From what I’ve read,Surround has about a 50-60% effectiveness against the Codling moth.

Will see if someone local has that. Maybe Wilco

I had both coddling moth and apple fly maggots, could hardly eat any apples until I discovered Surround (Kaolin Clay). Our growers in eastern Wa use it effectively, so I decided to order some. I mix it with Bonide Fruit tree spray and start spraying as soon as fruit is size of a quarter. First application I always go over 3 times to assure every fruit is well coated with the clay with insecticide imbedded. The either every two weeks or right after any heavy rainfall I repeat the spray. Since starting this program I have maybe about 90-95% good fruit!
Try it with your favorite insecticide. Bonide available at Home Depot and Lowe’s

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80-90% huh? Never new it was that effective, will look into that then

I noticed the Fruit Tree Spray contains Carbarl. Got to be cafefull with Carbarl in young apples since it is known to thin the fruit as well as kill insects. Not sure how much the 0.3% would thin apples larger than a quarter but I expect it could be hard young fruitlets. Thinning some fruit automatically may be desirable compared to manually thinning when you get a great fruit set

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Sorry, I didn’t see the reply to me. I use the fruit sox soaked in clay. But because I’m a cheap $#@*&! I just gathered clay from here and soaked them. Last year I did a test: Nothing on anything. The sturmer pippins got nailed by apple maggot. Most others had mild effects from codling moth. I refuse to cuddle with coddling moth.

For the other varieties, I would spray surround, but like I said, I’m going to just gather more local clay and spray it on the trees at the same intervals. Pretty blue collar. It might work well. That’s why it’s an experiment.

John S