Where to get Tayberry Plant?

Wanting to grow one of these to try. Are there any nurseries out there that sell a good quality version of these or is this something that can easily have a couple of canes dug up and shared to propagate it?

Also looking to add more blackberries and I can’t find any information on how large these are from nurseries. I see a lot in the $6-10 range, are these tiny plugs that will take a few years to produce?

I replaced some tayberries this year. I went to the local nursery and got three two year old plants. Sometimes I see them at Fred Meyer too. Berries if taken care of should give you full crop in two years. Plugs maybe three. You will get some the following year after planting. Depending how big of plants you might get a couple the year of planting.

I think the nearest Fred Meyer is over 1,500 miles away so that would be a bit of a trip.

The local nursery here cares more about ornamentals and such than food. They have a few food trees and plants, but they are not sourced locally and typically not that great of quality. They are also very proud of their plants as well. Ironically, I have had better luck with plants from Kroger (Fred Meyer merged with them) as they source them from a nursery an hour away from here and have great prices. I have only seen triple crown blackberries and Heritage raspberries there as far as brambles go.

Looks like Raintree Nursery has them on sale right now.