Where to plant young avocado/mandarin in the backyard

Hi all…attached is the picture of the only spot I have in my backyard to plant a fruit tree. The spot is the fabric pot marked with a blue X. What I am concerned with this spot is it is too close to the two vines that are on the fence. Those vines are old mature vines that was there before I bought the house. I"m afraid the roots of the vines are too strong for a young fruit tree to establish in. I live here for almost 3 years now and I only water 3 times in the hot summer. I have to prune it back every 6 months or so. Do you guys think a young fruit tree can thrive in this spot?

If your SD clay is anything like mine you will be planting either on a mound which should give the tree a little head start. I bet it will be okay. Not sure how big that space is but an avocado will get much larger than a dwarf mandarin

Thank you…I will probably plant it above the soil level…Not mounding it completely but I’m thinking about 2 or 3 inches above.

this might be helpful - Handling Your Tree | Epicenter Nursery & Fruit

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