Which fruit is "Katherine"?!?

I’m prepping some scions for grafting today and I have one that is labeled “Katherine” and I’m not sure what variety it is?!?!?

A search for “Katherine apple” brings up a woman named “Katherine Apple”!! Same for “Katherine Peach”!! Katherine nectarine, brings up a nectarine jam recipe from Katherine in Brooklyn!!

Help! What type of fruit is Katherine?!?!

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FWIW, I’m aware of a “Catherine” apple and a “Katharine” apple (note the ‘a’). The former is English; the latter was bred by Albert Etter in California.

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Lot of people spelled Etter’s Katherine instead of Katharine.

Katharine the name of his wife which he named the apple after. Because of its unusual spelling, people get it incorrect a lot.


I had a few fruits off my Katharine but then the root died. This year my new version will finally fruit, I am really looking forward as the few apples off the original graft were excellent!