Which fruit trees to keep in containers


My partner and I have an apartment balcony garden of young fruit and berry plants, and we are in the process of buying our first house. We are more excited to plan our first in-ground garden than anything else about moving into a house. However we will likely move again in 3-5 years. So it would be nice to keep some of our fruit trees and shrubs in (large) containers, so that we can take them with us. I’m wondering which ones y’all think we could get away with keeping that way for such a time frame (our plants all came from the nursery within the past two years, and because of our budget we don’t buy the more mature offerings). Here’s what we have:
Olympian fig
Teramo fig
Contorted mulberry
Weeping mulberry (will only grow to 6-8’)
Calypso Apple
Meteor cherry
Landt peach
Granada pomegranate
Sumbar pomegranate
Flying dragon
Seaberries (mystery variety)
Babycakes dwarf blackberry
Gooseberries (mystery)
Darwin’s barberry
Goji berry
Chilean guava
Blueberries (mystery)
Raspberries (mystery)
Hardy kiwi issai
Fuzzy kiwi jenny
Glendora grape

Also we plan to acquire soon after moving:
Pineapple guava (something early and self-fertile)
Paw paws (early varieties)
Dwarf? Asian persimmon
Dwarf/semi-dwarf sweet cherries (multi-graft)
TBD multigraft stone fruit
Oregon curl free peach
A couple types of currants
TBD eleagnus
Himalayan chocolateberry
TBD other hardy citrus
Boysenberry/loganberry etc blackberry-ish


Hi @fruitytooty - welcome to GrowingFruit!

Whereabouts are you located?
What direction does your balcony face?

The upper Willamette valley in Oregon, zone 8b. Our balcony faces south, which was dumb luck. It is covered however, and another building blocks some of the direct light.


There are a few regulars here from the PNW, including @murky and @DennisD .

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You’re off to a great beginning!

Wow, what a collection. I hope it’s a big balcony. If your kiwi grow like mine they could easily become hard to tame. I bet the maypops could do the same for you. You should post some pics, it would be fun to see your set up. Happy growing.


There are miniature peaches if those work for your region. I got arctic babe and the pixzee peach nectar babe combo in pots. First year and will see how they do