Which persimmons drop / hang on the tree?

What variety’s of persimmons hang on tree when ripe.?

The Bering persimmons I have here are American type ,

They mostly all drop when ripe.

Except for “sweet lent.”

Which stays on the tree until picked.

Most wild ones hang on after being ripe, and can be shaken out.

Most other American” varieties “ I pick off the ground.

Some , very soft ones can be picked off the tree before they fall. And are good.

Such as meader ,garettson , most others picked from ground.

Picking off the ground requires a well mowed area under the trees.

I have many kaki and hybrids planted and yet to be planted.

Have not fruited them. So I have limited experience with their fruiting habits.

So my question is ;

Do all Kaki stay on the tree when ripe, ?

Do any kaki variety’s drop when ripe ?

Are any kaki types normally picked from the ground ?

Will they hang on the tree even after frosty / freezing,weather .

And what hybrids hang on / drop ?


Others will be able to comment with more authority about a wider range of kaki cultivars than me, but in my experience kaki fruit don’t drop when ripe. Not only that, they aren’t even much inclined to be picked when ripe. I snip mine off with pruning shears to avoid damaging both fruit and branch. If you pull on the fruit, the calyx will either stay on the tree and rip a hole in the ripe fruit, or the calyx will come off with the stem and tear a significant amount of bark off the branch. You can twist them a few rotations and they will come off more neatly, but I think it’s easier and faster just to snip them off. My non-astringent kakis and earlier astringents usually ripen well before the first frost here in NC. But my Tecumseh astringent kaki is later ripening and holds its fruit well into December. Usually I take them off before they are fully ripe because the birds start to peck at them. Any pecked fruit ripens/softens more quickly than the undamaged ones. The fruit don’t seem to be adversely affected in any way by a frost or light freeze, but that might accelerate ripening somewhat as well if the skin cracks at all. It’s possible that a freeze would affect the crisp texture of non-astringent kakis too, but I’ve never had any still on the tree by the time there’s any freezing. None of my hybrids have ripened yet, so I can’t speak for any of those.