Which side of this grape should I prune and is it too late?

Hi, where should I prune this grape? Can I still do it? I’d like to get it in the ground asap. Thank you very much!

No it is not too late. I would prune off the lowest branch and keep the original trunk (fat one).

Thanks very much. Appreciate the advice.

The rule of thumb is cut it back to three buds. Each bud will produce a cane. Be careful you don’t bump off one of the three buds.

How can I get the vine portion longer before it splits into canes? I’d like it to be quite a bit taller before it splits.

I wouldn’t prune it myself. I like to have 2 trunks, one as a backup. I start mine in ground too. I would not want to limit leaf growth by pruning so the roots get nice and thick.

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I agree with @Drew51. It’s two small to prune. Let it grow this year and then pick the trunk you like the best and prune next year. As it’s growing this year you can also remove some growth you don’t
like but leave enough so you get good root growth. Another option is to have two trunks with one going to the left and one going to the right on the wire or whatever is being used for support.

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That’s what I did.

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Prune to 3 buds. It will grow three tall canes this year, and next year you can decide which to keep and how you want to trellis it. Each bud that you leave will grow a cane. I’m counting 13 buds. If you don"t prune it, it will grow 13 weak puny canes this season.

No the main two trunks will get bigger, just remove any other canes to 3 buds (you may want them later). I would never choose a secondary cane at this point. To each his own. I would rather grow out the main trunks at least till it reaches the right height. The plant almost looks identical to mine, except mine is 5 or 6 years old. It had 2 canes just like this one and I let them grow, they get bigger every year. See photo above.

I prefer to spur prune mine. I find it easier to maintain, less attention needed to cane placement. On mine the left trunk has a 6 foot lateral and the right trunk has close to a 20 foot lateral. Produces fine, so left it that long. The laterals were formed 3 years ago.
It produces buckets and buckets of grapes. I mostly use them for raisins, although we consume a lot fresh too. It’s the Einset cultivar. I have a trellis going in two directions so the larger trunk formed a lateral that turns at 90 degrees to go unto the 2nd trellis.