Which trees will you plant in 2019?

Adding 2 satsuma oranges in-ground to my current collection of 3
Unk. mulberry I rooted from a cutting last year
Hybrid chestnuts
Arbequina olive
Parfianka pomegranate
Unk hardy pomegranate
Lemon Fig
Brown Turkey
LSU purple
Green Ischia

and whatever fig cuttings survive my novice rooting attempts; right now it looks like:
Violette de Bordeaux
Ronde de Bordeaux
Unk. Sweet Diana
Sweet Joy

I’ll also be attempting to graft mulberries, Asian persimmons, and Japanese plums/plumcots

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Adding a Red Baron peach, flavor king pluot,dapple dandy pluot, Parfianka pomegranate, and a sweet treat pluerry. Also was looking for a nectarine to grow in a wine barrel. Anyone have any experience with a necta zee or have any suggestions?

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I received a bunch of cuttings at this years CRFG scion exchange, so if they all take, I’ll have a bunch of fig, pom, and grapes to plant. Not sure where any of them will go…
Peter’s Honey
Brown Turkey
Blue Celeste
and one or two more I cannot remember


3 seedless grape varieties


We took two more big limbs off the sycamore and I’m trying to decide if I have enough room for the three new peach trees and an apricot of some kind.

I may take out my Canadian choke cherries in my park strip since their fruit is so widely spread they are hard to pick, which would make some more room.


Holy crap, my back hurts from reading that list :wink:

Good luck with the planting

On Citation
Dapple Supreme Pluot
Flavor Grenade Pluot
Burgundy Plum
Candy Heart Pluerry
Santa Rosa Plum
Tropic Snow Peach
Arctic Star Nectarine

On Maxima 14
Royal Rainier Cherry
Stella Cherry
Lapins Cherry

On M111
Winter Banana Apple
Anna Apple

On M-7
Sundowner Apple


I will keep all my trees in pot until I move and get my couple of acres.


Yeah, we may invest in a post hole digger… we need to fence all this in anyway so it will serve double duty.


I got a DWN Red Fuji and waiting on a cresthaven peach from Stark’s to ship. I’m sure I’ll add more.

I stopped counting at 50 and there’s a whole bunch more than that. I think I’d be picking up a gas powered earth auger at the least, and preferably renting a skidsteer with an auger instead.


A PTO driven post hole digger, we have 4 tractors.

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It looks like I did it again. I wasn’t going to order much new this year, just take better care of what I have. Well, I just sat down to make up a list of what I have ordered so far. Eighteen trees or bushes, plus strawberries and asparagus. Is there no hope for persons like me? Maybe we should have a branch called growingfruitaholics anonymous. Heeellllppppp……


I added two Montmorency Cherry’s on Mahaleb to my Cummins order, but in my defense I HAD too because the cherry tree I already have needs a pollinator…


Oh my, that’s terrible. Just awful.
So, what varieties did you get? :grin:

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Well, I’ve ordered 85 APPLE rootstocks…plus whatever leftover 2018 stocks I have… and seedlings are big enough to graft to.
Looks like they’ll mostly be planted in pots…as I don’t have cleared land for nearly that many.

So, we’ll see, last year I grafted 2 or 3 of 32 different varieties. This year will be in the same ballpark.

I have seedling pawpaws and will plant more seeds this spring. A couple Jujubee, too. And I may order some more gooseberries.


Crandall Black Currant, 2 Belaruska currants, Pequot Lakes Black Raspberry, Cold Snap pear, PF24 Peach, Contender Peach (I was never ever going to plant any more peaches, but needed an item to get free shipping and had read about planting them in trenches and pruning them to only knee high. Yah, I know) Wowza cherry, Dorris, McDonald, and bush hazelnuts, Scout apricot, Reka and Toro Blueberry, Layeroka chestnut, Kokusu Mulberry, 2 Schisandras, Earliglow strawberries, and 50 asparagus plants. I don’t need any of it. Sigh.


Below is a pic of the trees I ordered from Peaceful Heritage Permaculture Nursery. The trees are not large but the shipping was inexpensive. 3 pears and 1 peach. Ayers & 2 Warren Pears and a Jefferson Peach.


In addition to to the above I just put in an order with Ison’s for the following:
Korean Giant pear
Li jujube
Stayman winesap apple
Arkansas black apple


I just had to pull a Bartlett pear due to fireblight damage, I’m planning on putting an apricot or an aprium in its place and planting a warren pear in a new location.

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Ison’s has been terrific for me!