Which trees will you plant in 2019?

Today I ordered Orangered apricot, Silver Gem white nectarine and Flavor Top yellow nectarine. Tried to get Honey Spring from Dave Wilson (via Bay Laurel special order) but Dave Wilson declined :triumph:


Will probably plant Independence nectarine on Citation - especially if I can find it anywhere else than Bay Laurel


I’ve seen it discussed before where Bay Laurel ships trees in the middle of winter. I thought no problem I have a greenhouse that I keep above freezing so I’ll pot them up and plant in Spring. They leafed out on schedule with my oaks and anything else in there but every single tree from Bay Laurel I planted in-ground after no more frosts died.

Sorry Ahmad. I didn’t intend to veer way off.

I’m planing somewhere around 25 pear cultivars I have grafted. Pawpaws from seed and I have persimmons rooted deeply in a raised bed that I want to transplant.


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My Fuyu persimmon might not make it. I’m really trying to figure out what I can plant that is reliable with little/no disease problems in my area of Texas. I thought the persimmon would be the ticket.

I wish I had the land… and sun! My third of an acre lot is shaded by high trees around my property line. When I was looking for houses, privacy of my yard was of prime importance; I wish I knew that few years down the road I would get addicted to growing fruit trees…

P.S. I got eleven trees from Bay Laurel over the past 3 years, and all are doing very well.


Pluots and figs I guess. Probably peaches and nectarines too. Of course I am suggesting what I like :blush:

I liked their trees a lot. I still don’t know what happened. It was 1/2 a dozen trees. Cherries and plums.

I like their cherry Z-dwarf rootstocks.


The one I got from them is doing well, but they really do ship too early for my zone, and I prefer my trees with roots.

I’ll buy from them if there’s no better alternative

Apples: Goldrush on g.202, CrimsonCrisp on g.202, possibly a Honeycrisp on g.935 g.202 (looks like there’s some tree deaths with some large growers putting a Honeycrisp sport on this rootstock)

European Pear: Harrow Sweet (Cummins is out, will probably get it from Edible Landscaping on whatever roostock they have)

I still have to work on the wife for stone fruit. There is a perfect area for some trees right on the other side of the driveway from where the house is, I’d need to remove some ugly hemlock hedge first. I haven’t firmed out what I’d get anyways. Nects that have caught my eye include Honey Royale, Honey Blaze, Easternglo, Arctric Glo, Summer Beaut, and Sunglo. Out of these, I have only tasted Sunglo. For peaches, whatever I tasted today was fantastic but I haven’t yet contacted the orchard to ask what the variety was. I suspect Contender.

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Go for it man… a few nice dinners and she will let you :blush:

I already do most of the cooking! She’s not flat-out rejecting the thought of cutting a portion of that hedge now. I just hope I get the go-ahead before it’s too late to order whatever peach and nectarine tree I wind up choosing.

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Well I have the room and my wife enables me, so if everything goes well, I hope to plant…

Silk hope , Pakistan, and WBM mulberries
Autum Beauty, Li, and Honey Jar Jujubes
2 Carmine Jewel Bush Cherries
Charles Harris Asian Pear
2 Spicezee Nectoplums
Splash, Flavor King, Pluots
Flavor Delight, Goldkist Apriums
Delight and Sprite Cherry plums
and about 10 different cultivars of Muscadines

Some of these I am having a hard time finding online.

If anyone has had bad experiences with any of these, please comment. I don’t want to grow something just to find out three years later, it was no good.


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Since you ask, I am not impressed with Splash at all. In my yard, zone 6a in MA! It was nothing to write home about. But again, you are in zone 8. (not sure what state). The result maybe different where you are.

I would pick Lavina plum over Splash any day of the week.

I have Easternglo nect. So far, not impressed. Nothing stands out and it is too acidic to my liking. I prefer a sweeter one like Arctic Star.

Wow, Dax, that’s not a happy story. I also ordered half a dozen trees from BL which arrived in plenty of time to catch a month of winter. I potted them up and kept them in a garage until spring came, and they were all happy as could be. We’re on the same track but somehow got different results.

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Where did you order your apricot from, if you don’t mind me asking?

I really can go either way with the acidity, an excellent fruit is an excellent fruit to me… Honey Blaze is said to be a low-acid, sweet nectarine. I haven’t tried it but a lot of people here have given it high marks, and Adams lists it as “the best of the sub-acid nectarine varieties we have tested”. Also, I just remembered there’s a nect that Alan regarded as mango-like in flavor. It was one that I crossed out above. I have two of the Honey series in mind.

I ordered it from ACN. It is also available from another nursery called: Cricket Hill Garden— link below:


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Since you ask, I am not impressed with Splash at all. In my yard, zone 6a in MA! It was nothing to write home about. But again, you are in zone 8. (not sure what state). The result maybe different where you are.

I would pick Lavina plum over Splash any day of the week.

I’m in Georgia. That’s sad to hear about Splash Pluot. I have read so many good things about it. That’s why I decided to get one. DWN has it as taste test winner. May have to do more research on that one.


If you could find someone who grew Splash in the same coast, vicinity and is happy with it, that would be a good indicator. DWN is likely can grow anything fantastically in CA.

Also, I have not come across any nursery catalog that says bad things about any fruit variety it offers. They all sound wonderful.