Which trees will you plant in 2019?


Thanks, mamuang, for the info on Lavina plum. I had not heard of it. From what little information I find can on it, it sounds great. I will probably at least add it to my wish list for next spring. Do you have a chill hour rating on it?. I agree with you on nursery descriptions, if we went by what they say, we would have to have them all.Lol. It is much better to go by growers here on this forum and others, that have had actual first hand experience, preferably in a comparable climate.



I’d have to look but I’m nearly 100% sure I have extra grafts on OHxF 87. I sell cheap and you pay for shipping costs which amount to anywhere from 8 to 10 dollars most of the time. Usually a 20$ bill will get you a tree.



I have room for one more tree. I want to make it a Prok persimmon. I know Stark has them, but other than that they seem hard to find. There are a lot of other modifications I want to do, but I will save those for another thread.

If anyone knows where I can get a Prok, or the other good American persimmon trees Dax talks about, let me know. Thanks


I’ll be digging 100-46 and many others next-spring, Jim. I’ll make a list shortly of what I have extra’s of. I may have Prok as this year bench grafts, as-well.



Sounds great, Barkslip. Just let me know when, where and how… I would love to get one from you.



Thanks Dax, Let me know and I’ll definitely buy from you! What does it mean to have Prok as a bench graft, that you grafted Prok onto a root stock? By the way I love all the pictures of your big yard and big projects.
Have a great weekend.


Thank you, Jim.

I grafted on bareroot rootstocks (can also be potted for bench grafting) but in this case it was bareroot. Then I bundled grafts and stuck them in a big rubbermaid tub in my greenhouse to callous and grow.

The others I grafted were in-ground or what is typically known as field grafting. You graft onto established rootstocks in the ground/field grafting.



@growjimgrow I have all kinds of persimmons: 100-42, 100-46, (I saw (1) Prok but if I have another I’ll sell it to you,) and the list goes on and on. These are bench grafts with about 8" of growth; or, I have 100-42 and 100-46 that are quite tall in my raised bed. The smaller bench grafts will be about 6 bucks or the larger around 15$ (plus shipping.) I may have an extra H-63A too. I saw one bench graft of H-63A but I tell ya that raised bed is too dense to see everything in it (I don’t know if I have another H-63A.) And I’m trialing J2-02/Mikkusu and Kasandra which I have multiple raised bed grafts of as well.

@TooFarNorth I have some beautiful Charles Harris grafts that have 2-3’ of growth. Those will be about 15 bucks.

As long as they go thru winter fine, I’ll have them available for you guys.

Pears or bench grafted persimmons I can ship anytime while the larger in-ground persimmons I will need to dig usually mid-March here.

Jim, I will need to double check on the larger persimmons before I can make any promises as I have to plant one of each in my landscape. But I think I have more than (1) each of the 100-42, 100-46; but I did not graft any Prok in there.



Anyone know where I can get a Lavina plum tree. [mamuang] talked me into it…I’m too easy… Cummings is the only nursery that I found that carries it, but they do not have any.



I’ll see if I have an extra graft of Lavina, too.



I mistook Lavina for Luisa, TFN. And I only have one of those & am going to keep it.



I don’t mean to be a party pooper.

Do you have a large family or plan to sell your fruit down the road?

When I started, I wanted one of everything. I managed to have about 30 trees of various kinds of fruit. Fast forward, yesterday, I stood next to one of my two full grown peach trees and wonder what I am to do with 300+ peaches per tree.

We gave some away, eat some and will try to process many, Keep in mind,I have chosen to spray less. The fruit are not all clean or pretty. Giving away heavily Surround- covered peaches to others need some convincing for them to accept these peaches!!!

It would have been plenty if I grow only one peach tree and grafted a bunch of varieties on it. Some thing with plums and other stone fruit.

Pome fruit like apples and pears are different. They can be kept for months for fresh eating. They can be processed, too.

Ask yourself, do you really need that many stone fruit trees if your family is small.


Hey, mamuang, my party’s way past pooped.LOL. I do have a rather large family… 5 children …all married, and some of the inlaws have big families. 8 grand kids, plenty of friends and neighbors, and 2 dogs… I do hope to sell some locally, if I have any left. I am retired, and have plenty of time on my hands, a very loving and enabling wife whom happens to be my partner in crime. We have over 50 citrus trees, most in their third year in ground. Mind you, citrus don’t grow where I live. Hence the TFN (TOO FAR NORTH). I’m also trying some EFB resistant hazelnut trees and already have aroiund 20 stone and pome fruit trees. I guess I’m just glutton for punishment, because now we plan on putting in 10 muscadine vines, some Mulberry and fig trees…LOL Just a crazy old couple enjoying life and each other and growing things. But thanks for your concern.



I did a lot of research before buying an Eureka persimmon. Seems it is recommended for Texas. I’ve seen Fuyu’s growing. Perhaps it is a fluke.



My husband and I have started much the same in a smaller scale. Good luck to you! What muscadine are you planning to get?



I just checked and do have at least one Lavina grafted to a Plum seedling,done about a year ago,if wanted. Brady


I am looking for Paulk ( if anyone has it yet) ,Supreme,Lane,Hall,Sugargate, Black Beauty, Late Fry, 15-1-1, and possibly Southern Home. I haven’t decided on the last one yet.



Sounds like a good assortment. Are you on the FaceBook muscadine growers? A lot of growers there and very active group. There are several of us here that grow the muscadines. If I find the place for them I’m going with more Supremes in 2019.



Lane taste GREAT! Mine produced this year. They were so good, I ordered 7 more! I have 15-1-1 and Lane. Ordered 7 more.

Early Fry
Black Beauty
Late Fry


I’ll have to check out facebook …actually my wife does the facebook thing, Good luck on your endevours. Growing new things is fun. What else are you growing?