Which type of berry seedling is this?

I planted blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry seeds in little jars about two months back to germinate. For some reason I forgot to label them. I forgot about them for about a month and I checked on them recently and one of the jars sprouted. I can’t for the life of me remember which ones I planted in this jar. They are still extremely small and I know it will be easier to identify later on, but can anyone tell what they are from this picture?

Blueberry because raspberry sprouts have serrated leaves

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I’m gonna have to say strawberry. I sprout a lot of them and afaik they’re the only ones that germinate without any special treatments. But agreed, not raspberry. I haven’t been able to germinate blueberry seeds so I don’t know about them.

Once true leaves appear it will be easier to tell. I doubt it’s raspberry unless scarified they will take two years.

Is there any possibility of seeds, not planted by you, in that soil?

I can see a couple of seeds, plus one still stuck on the cotyledons. Unless those are tiny jars, they look too big for strawberry or blueberry, but more like raspberry. Did you sow the seeds fresh, or let them dry out? Fresh raspberry seeds can germinate without stratification. Drying triggers the onset of double dormancy.

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I doubt it, I got the soil straight from a bag.

The jars are pretty small, 8 oz jars. I didn’t dry any of the seeds out, i planted them fresh.

Thinking I will just have to wait it out until they get bigger to identify. But it would be nice to know now so I can plan better

I doubt they are strawberry, which I believe start with serrated cotyledons as well as fuzzy stems. At least the first true leaves are, but I believe the leaf at the bottom left here is cotyledon:

So my bet would be blueberry, just by process of elimination (though I’ve never grown blueberries from seed).

There are no serrations or fuzz on young strawberry seedlings. Just these smooth roundish leaves

If they are in fact strawberries they should start getting that look within a few weeks

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Good to know! I’ve never grown them intentionally and of course didn’t identify until much later when I guess the cotyledons had fallen off.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for something like that.

In case anyones wondering, here is what they look like now. Thinking they are strawberry because they look very similar to the pictures above.