Which way up with grafting tool?

With a grafting tool is there a preferred orientation of the cut? Should the tongue be pointing up or down? Videos on YouTube show both directions. Also on a horizontal branch which way would be stronger, the cut going vertically or horizontally?

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I generally make the female cut on the scion as i find it easier to tape joint tight this way…as long as the joint is lined up and held tight it shouldn’t matter so whatever you find easier!


I agree, female cut on the scion. Scion is usually more pliable so it makes taping easier.


Is there a preferred orientation of the scion to put less stress on the graft? For example, using gravity to hold it down into the graft (vertical) vs horizontal with the weight of the graft pulling on it. Also what length do you recommend?

I find horizontal easier as it doesnt want to slip as much when your taping it but as long as its taped tight and the cambiums lined up i dont see it mattering

Thanks for the replies. I will try it out grafting some female mulberries on to male plants when the weather warms up, it was -8F a couple nights ago. I tried making some test cuts on some trimmed branches and the point did not cut all the way through the bark until I sharpened the cutters. Next year if my Illinois everbearing and Kokuso get big enough I will try grafting them to my wild mulberries.

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