White alpine strawberry? Pineapple Crush?

I grow Pineapple Crush in San Diego. At first I did not think it was all that special but after the plant got mature it really got amazing in flavor. It is extremely productive right now. My thought is that a packet of seeds is so cheap compared to what produce costs, buy a variety of seed packets for each cultivar of interest and go for it!


Fair point, very exciting to hear your experience, thanks!

Do alpines typically decrease in productivity over the years, as with regular strawberries?

From what I’ve read the “mother crown” will age with time and decrease in productivity. Alpines in general grow in a clumping form instead of sending out runners. Each new crown can be separated and established as a new plant and from what I’ve read you should so every 3-4 years and discard the mother crown. In addition, this gives you an opportunity to add lots of compost and other amendments to your soil as strawberries in general are heavy feeders.


Many of them have runners and usually I destroy hundreds each year. They will overtake regular strawberries by crowding them out. If you grow the type with runners I would confine them.


i planted Rodluvan in a patch in the yard i could mow around. glad i did. its very vigorous!

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Does anyone grow alpines in shade? I just planted some this year in the shade but first year plants are only so telling. I do have some berries growing already though!

i have some in full shade that still produce good as long as the slugs dont get them 1st.