White mold on fuyu persimmon branch. Black spots on leaves

I’ve had this “fuyu” for two seasons now and both seasons it has suffered from black spots on the leaves, insects eating leaves, wilting leaves, and being constantly covered in ants.

This can’t be good for it so I thought I’d ask here, and as I was snapping pics I noticed white mold.

Any idea what’s wrong and what I can do to fix it?

Could it be mealybugs farmed by the ants? I wold hose the plant down, clean the plant free of the white stuff, put a ring of aluminum foil near the base of the tree, and dab some vaseline on the foil to prevent the ants from climbing back close to the growing tips.

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I think that’s some sort of aphid residue, not white mold. I get them on blackberries, apples, plums, and just about everything else including some non-fruiting plants. They are probably on my persimmons too, I’ll have to take a look. They are very persistent.

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