White powder wilting apple leaves

What is this whiten powder wilting my apple leaves? Powdery mildew? What’s the best remedy?

Looks like it to me. I use sulphur in my spinosad spray. Usually brings it under control right away.

Is it the sulphur that does the trick or a combination with the spinosad? Forgive my ignorance but what form and concentration of sulphur do you use?

I’ve just been reading about using milk as a fungicide for treating powdery mildew. I have no experience of this what so ever but could be worth a try.

Would certainly be cheap and easy to try and can’t see it doing any harm.

Hope you beat it

Sorry, should have said that general gist was to mix milk and water in a 40/60 ratio and spray. Simple

I tried that last year on some squash without any luck.

Doh, shame as it would have been an easy spray to make etc

It’s the sulphur. I have a bag of wetable powder. that my wife bought years ago. You can apply it by itself either as a dust (messy!) or mixed with water. I put in with my Spinosad for convenience. But there are other products that contain sulphur in different formulations. You can search “fungicides” on this site for other possibilities.

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