Whitefly on kale

So the Cornell recommendation is to just ignore them and eat or sell the kale regardless, so I’m guessing there is no low toxic solution but I’m running the question by forum members anyway, just in case. They do damage the quality by sucking out the sugar in their quest for protein.

My wife keeps the whitefly population down on virginia creeper by irrigating from underneath. Apparently they don’t like getting wet.


That seems like a contradictory statement. If they didn’t like getting wet I’d spray water them from the top.

White flys spend most of their time under the leafs.
So… a forceful spray of water under the leaf will blast them and their kin away. About once a week seems good .
They don’t seem to have developed resistance to a blast of water,
But have to about everything else.


She says the way she does it the whole thing gets drenched.


Yah, they have big Fragile wings for their size, I blast them off the bottom and then down into the mud. Trying to wash the nymphs off the bottom of the leaf too

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