Who bite my peaches?

I saw bite /feeding marks on my peaches. I stayed in the yard all afternoon didn’t see insects flying around. Would like someone tell me what kind bug(s) bit my peaches and is there worm/eggs inside the peaches ?? Are they active at night?

My guess is OFM. It his is the time.

But I did not see any moth in the yard

I will spray triazicide tonight

If you don’t stand there watching your peaches all days, it can happen. They are not that big and thier color blends in with an orchard environment.

I was right under the peach trees all afternoon I was just curious, and would like to find out. I thought OFM is bigger than PC in size if any movement around the trees, I should be able to spot at least one

It’s a guess. I could be wrong. OFM larvae usually enter peaches on a stem end and leave frass at an entry wound.

PC lays eggs on fruit. OFM, per literature, lay eggs on leaves. Once larvae are hatched, they are the ones causing damage to shoots and fruit.

Hopefully others will help you figure it out.


Tippy. Thanks for the additional info. On my records,I sprayed Sevin 6 days ago. I thought Sevin usually last longer than that but apparently it’s not. I sprayed triazicide just in case it is OFM or PC.
I rarely see any flagged tips on peaches in the past but I sprayed peach tips, plum trees, pear trees and cherry trees, all fruit trees I can think of on my property😬. Although I felt very sorry for the earth worm who might be harmed by triazicide☹️

To avoid birds and the like, the OFM is mainly active at night. They are very small but I have seen some flying at night. I don’t think I ever saw one flying during the day though.

I have started to spray at dusk for that reason, there is a greater chance of an OFM running into fresh spray compounds.

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Do you think a black light bug trap would reduce their population? I already have one for mosquitoes and there are quite a few moths in it. I can’t tell if they’re OFM though.


She uses it with OFM lures. I can’t convinced my hubby to run a wire out in the yard for it. I planted trees all over the place.


In your photos, I don’t see the classic oozing I have seen with OFM. It may be bird pecking. Google, “my peaches are oozing”, it is bad news if you are infested. I lost every peach over a 10 day period. Once inside the peach, spray didn’t touch them.
If you have many peaches, I would carefully cut it open to find out if there is a worm. If not it may be birds. Hope for birds

I have been spraying every 10 to 14 days and so far no oozing. But I have seen a few bird pecks and mice teeth marks.


Yes, some are clear ooze covering the hole, ( BTW on the picture the holes may look larger actually they are very small , needle size). I did cut some peaches and did not see any worm inside. Should be a worm(s) inside or an egg(s) inside ?

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This can be stinkbug damage.


Thank you all for the help.

My guess is stinkbug…they are doing their thing in mine too. They don’t seem to bother the fuzzier Reliance and Contender…but love Red Haven.

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