Who is growing bananas for fruit?

bungulan is different from lacatan, and i have grown both of them.

Richard, I think they are FHIA-25. The Ugandans pick them green and they have to peel them with a knife like a potato. A bunch like that sells for about $5, and will feed the family for a week. They do grow potatoes (they call them “Irish potatoes”), but it’s a fight against fungal disease; the matooke are way easier to grow. Lately a new starch introduced is “OFSP”, orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. They’ve had sweet potatoes as a staple for years, but they are the white ones that lack vitamin A and kids go blind; they’ve promoted OFSP as a way to introduce vitamin A into the diet.


I could understand that what you bought and grew in SE Asia as Bungulan and Lacatan were different cultivars.

This thread is about who is growing bananas here in the U.S. Which of those two have you grown, fruited, and tasted as desert bananas here?

can’t grow them where am at(las vegas). Was merely compelled to send out as an fyi, that they are not synonymous.

So back to my original point, the Cavendish when grown here is bland compared to other cultivars grown in temperate regions of the US.

Who else is growing bananas for fruit in their current location? Perhaps @hoosierquilt?

Sorry, forgot to mention we’re growing Blue Java and Manzana trees for fruit here in Riverside, CA, and training them for production. The neighbors have clumps of bananas, which do fruit despite the poor habit.

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Yes, Namwa but no other cultivars, yet. I do have some unknown (probably Namwa I’m betting) growing down in the “jungle”, planted by the previous homeowner, but it isn’t getting enough sun due to all the canopy, so not producing. Just looking “tropical”.

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Here is a home-grown Nam Wah banana tree at my sister’s home, Bangkok, Thailand. Generally speaking, Nam Wah takes about 7-8 months to flower and fruit. The fruit takes about 3-4 months to ripe.

My sister does not take any care to her banana trees except for watering them as needed. This tree is about 3.5 meters tall.


Here’s Namwa budding in San Diego CA. In our climate it’s about 18 months to flower and 4 months to ripen if the fruit appears in spring or summer.


i’m growing california gold. i also have goldfinger but planning on getting rid of the gf and keep only 1 variety. with space being limited… only want to keep the reliable fruit

California Gold is Dwarf Orinoco – a rather unpleasant tasting fruit compared to store bought bananas.

Typically Namwa is sold as Goldfinger by retail nurseries. The good news is that it is about as cold hardy as Orinoco (USDA borderline 9b/10a) and is much better tasting than Orinoco or store bought bananas for that matter.

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Hello, I’n new to this forum and to growing fruit. You posted this several years ago. I’m wondering how it went. Did you get bananas?

Check out this thread.

Growing Manzano, ice cream and dwarf Cavendish in Miami, Florida

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I have an unknown that I have being growing since 2018. I got it cause I wanted the ice cream banana, I wanted to see if it really tasted like vanilla ice cream. It is not blue java. The fruit is about 3 to 4 inches long. The banana plant normally gets around 10’ tall. I grow them in South Louisiana zone 9a/8b. Planted cause I wanted the fruit and will continue


Arturo, if you’re in 9a/8b you must have pretty cold weather for bananas. How does your unknown handle the cold snaps? Do you try to protect it…

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Thats impressive maybe @Richard does know some additional information. It sounds very cold hardy.

We get temps in the low 20’s and once in a while in the high teens. Depends where I look it may say 9a but some say 8b. They have taken the temps like a champ. I can tell you, I mulch them with leaves and mulch and that is all.

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I am always looking to learn. If Mr Richard can help that would be great. My kids love the little nanas. Wife and I love them in our smoothies. I eat them fresh like the kids.

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