Who is growing microgreens?

It’s nearly winter so naturally im curious who is growing microgreens? There are big money in microgreens but im talking more about staying healthy in winter. Here is a great video to start with

These are the 4 varities discussed in the video
Dunn peas, china rose radish, black oil sunflower, brocolli

Here is the method he uses

There are many more videos and information available.

What i like best about this system is anyone can grow these year round, they are super healthy, land is not required, it is an equal oppurtunity type of gardening. No matter how little space anyone has they can start this type of farm.

This youtube channel has about any video on the subject you could want

I grow them for my work.



Do you do that independantly or for someone else?

It goes to the restaurant at the golf course I work at.


I started growing them 2 months ago after learning about how easy they are to grow in such a small amount of space. Most of my knowledge was gained after watching On The Grow’s youtube channel which has excellent walkthroughs and species specific recommendations.


Not microgreens but I sprout broccoli seeds in the winter to consume.


My suspicion is microgreens and aquaponics Aquaponics will get to be more popular in coming years. Entomophagy may be gaining popularity but not with me unless my fish need insects to eat https://growingfruit.org/t/entomophagy-is-a-growing-trend-but-its-not-for-me-there-is-something-to-learn-here/47656