Wholesale plants - Byron Nursery

I’ve had very good luck with plants from Byron Nursery. The company is a wholesaler so they do require $500 minimum order. If someone is planting a new orchard and are looking for a means to save money it might work out for them. They sell anything from seaberries, juneberries, to crabapples etc… I love the juneberries they sell and they thrive in zone 5 /6 Kansas. If you want a juneberry orchard where else can a person buy the plants from? Dolgo crabapples are $1.50 a piece and sold in bundles of 25 as an example. It becomes a great deal when 2-5 people want to split an order as well.

Gene Redlin
Po Box 125
St Charles IL 60174
Phone 630-513-5105
Fax 630-513-5127

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