Who's anticipating fruit from their own seedlings this year?


Just curious who might see fruit from seedlings this year. I’m hoping a few pluot seeds I planted several years ago might fruit for the first time (unfortunately I can’t remember which pluots those seeds are from). I’m also hoping to see some fruit from a few hybrid persimmons and maybe a seedling peach. @clarkinks, any new apples or pears you might see fruit from?


I have a new seedling apple that bloomed last year. We will see how it does.


I am doing watermelon seeds i made a few years ago
Orangeglo X white wonder


They aren’t seedlings that I planted, but I do have several wild apples that I have babied/protected since buying this place in 2012. Most of them had been browsed repeatedly by the cattle that use to be pastured here, and that had turned them into gnarly little bushes. I pruned/trained/protected them, and now I’ve got one seedling/wild apple that has produced tasty fruit for 3 years. One that produced a handful of fruit last year (didn’t get to taste them, critters beat me to it), and one more that I’m hoping will produce this year. I continue to find more wild/seedling trees here, but most are wild crabs (appear to have strong Dolgo heritage).


Almost all of the tomatoes I’m growing this year are from my own seeds. :wink:

It’s remarkable that despite a LOT of amazing growers of fruit on this forum, virtually none start from their own seedlings (other than wags like me reminding everyone that tomatoes are fruits). There is a lesson in this for people who don’t have a lot of fruit growing experience.


Haven’t checked on the fig seedlings lately but some of them should ripen some fruit this year, might only be a die-back trial but I’m hoping some survive intact so I can get look at the first crop. Maybe a pawpaw or 2 will bloom this year… Not getting my hopes up though.

Do you have any idea about what color it will be? I read a little about watermelon genes and it seems really complicated. http://cuke.hort.ncsu.edu/cgc/cgcgenes/wmgenes/gene12wmelon.html


I have 4 trees from seeds. None are big enough to fruit yet. And I do tomatoes, onions, shallots, cucumbers, beans, and about 20 others things from seed.
I bred raspberries and blackberries, and have grown out seed. I have my own cultivar I call Irene. it is a pink raspberry, a cross between a yellow and a red. Doing more this year. I’m hoping to cross some blueberries this year.and I want to do more blackberry and raspberry crosses.


I have a locally grown peach that I saved seed from and have a year old tree, hopefully a peach in a couple of years. One project that I am working on is an apple seedling. I have a few growing right now but they are from apples I purchased. I have aa apple tree growing now that is multigrafted with gold rush, Hudson’s golden gem, honey crisp, and a wild apple from Kazakhstan. I hope to get an apple from the Kazakhstan in a few years that will have been pollinated by the other varieties and grow the seed.


My wife started a Fuyu persimmon seed five years ago. Perhaps we will see it bloom this year.

I grow plum tree rootstock, tomatoes, okra, parsley, sweet peas, swiss chard, and various other vegies from my own seeds. Yacon from rhizomes and lots of plants from cuttings.


I have several random seedlings, none of which I expect much of anything from … some apples are almost 10 years old and they haven’t fruited yet! I’m about to give up on them. I have a peach that produced a few fruits last year but the squirlz got 'em.


Expecting first bloom on some PawPaws…and one wild apple (am thinking it will be a green or yellow apple).b


If you wander around the forum a bit i think you’ll find it’s more common than you think. Certainly in the gardens (i have a large garden yet buy few seeds). And quite a lot in the tree and berry arena. It just takes longer there for fruit results so the posts are fewer and farther between, but so interesting. I have a chum from seed that i grafted plums to a number of years ago. But i left one original branch just because it’s fun (to me). The fruit is small, yellow, large pit, little flesh, and i thoroughly enjoy the few little chums it puts out. But others’ reports of better results from own grown seedlings gives me better hope for those still in own my nursery bed. Sue


For those of you who like seedling apples you might enjoy this old thread New Apple Seedling Varieties.


I have a few seedlings of Pink Lady and Honey crisp. I let them grow for 2 years then grafted scions onto a larger apple tree. I lost a few to the cold last winter but in the summer the few remaining grew very well. This year I am hoping one of them will bloom and produce fruit.


I have like a forest edge garden at my cottage and I want to grow the species or wild types. Like Dunbars plum, Or a beach plum from seed for fun, You know what you’re going to get. I did plant some Paw Paw seeds, there too.


I have 20 or so apple seedlings, I will start crossing strawberries this summer. I also grow my own tomato and hot pepper seeds.


We have an apple that had fruit for the first time last year…one my Son in Law gave us as seeds inside apples his grandfather bred.
It’s a sweet, small red crab. No scab either. There is a mature apple, large, red stripes on a yellow ground, hard, crisp, sweet, juicy, yummy.
There might be peaches from seedlings, although that will depend on winter bud kill here; peaches are a little hit and miss here.
There is a flat of strawberries in the porch, all seedlings, so it will be fun to see what they do after planting this spring.
I have catkins on some seedling hazels. Let’s hope they have pollinators they like.
lwrt me see, what else…raspberries, probably reds, although they are open pollinated.
Chestnuts, most are pure dentatas, one backcross 1 generation…
That’s what I can remember at this hour.


The color will be white
white is epistatic to other colors
meaning it is dominant over colors that might be dominant over others
if these seeds are backcrossed to themselves or any other color other than white then their color may undetermined

but other than white fleshed watermelon genes

the white wonder is a round type watermelon
and the orangeglo is an oval type melon

the results of this pairing is a smaller rounded oval

i am hoping this cross takes the juiciness of the orangeglo and puts in the unique flavor of the white wonder
i dont have too much experience with any other white or orange watermelons but i am good at growing them
i will be sure to post the results to show whether i am right or not
but will question future breeding projects until i have more experience with different strains

next year i am growing these
gold in gold a yellow skinned yellow fruited watermelon
kaho a light green skinned small oval orange watermelon
bingo a polish light green skinned pink/red? watermelon
hime kansen a round japanese green striped red fleshed watermelon

on my future grow list

i plan to grow strawberry watermelon and blacktail mountain watermelon


I’m hoping one of the jujube seedlings fruit this year…most bloomed last year but no fruit.


Thanks for explaining, Kaho looks really good.