Who's growing Quince?


Serenade is a commercial product that apparently works well with it. I use fungal compost tea and it works great. Pruning out the inside of the the core helps too.
John S


I stumbled upon a quince tree growing despite neglect and no irrigation at my daughter’s school in Valley Center CA. It has some fire blight strikes and a few fruit. Any guess as to cultivar? It’s funny to see a tree like this in a unmaintained landscape setting.


Looks like a Smyrna to me by the shape/size of the fruit and leaves. Also the extent of FB would be consistent with Smyrna.


Hmm, i only have 1 fruit left … all others got attacked by birds.

Lets see if this one has a chance.


Nice size fruit! Good to see a quince tree! Looks great to me!


You could put a footie, a paper bag, or a ziploc over it to save your last one.
John S


I liked the Aromatnaya quince that i ate yesterday.

Sour and sweet and barely astringent.

Flavor: Granny Smith x Starfruit

I need to test how the quality changes if i let the fruits hang on for 2 more weeks next year.


I have this problem as well - when do we spray the Serenade to prevent it? Don’t want to have to spray all year.


I would do it when the leaves are on-because that’s where I see the rust. For me, that is about late April through Sept-October. Then it gets into the growing leaves and “the cavalry defeats the bad guys”.
John S


Does anyone know if Quince cultivars are graft-compatible with M–111 rootstock?


I don’t know but I would guess no.
John S


Would be fun experiment. Would bet an interstem of something like winter banana would be needed.


Or possibly two interstems Winter Banana to a pear thats compatible with both W.B. and Quince.


Keiffer is quince compatible…that could be an option.


How was everyone’s quince harvest this year?

Spring 2018 I planted a Kuganskaya from OGW. It was fully leafed out and bloomed all over 2 weeks after planting. No fruit set though, as expected. Do quince have fruit spurs like apples and plums? I am way too eager to know if I will get blooms again next spring, and want to know what to look for. I didn’t see anything obvious on my little 4ft tree.


Also, is it really that easy to root? Stick a piece in the ground and it will grow?


In my experience, Quince have growth and fruiting habits similar to Pear.


A question about quince. My multi-grafted(4) varieties are grafted on to quince. Would it be flowering quince or fruiting quince? I am asking because a great looking branch (leaves and all) is coming up from the root system. If its fruiting quince it might be great to keep. Quince has made a great rootstock for my pears.


I don’t believe it is graft-compatible.

In my experience Quince rootstocks for pears produce a very dry flavorless fruit. Not something you’d slice on top of vanilla ice cream.


Quince is for jelly.