Who's growing Quince?


Can you comment on the ripening order of the quince varieties you grow?


Crimea usually ripens in October here in Portland, but over a long time, because it sets so much fruit. It’s still ripening now mid November. Kaunching same? Kuganskaya a bit later, maybe starting mid october.


Smyrna is the latest for me, they were still partially green before we got hit with our first frost a couple weeks ago. Van Deman was a few weeks earlier and ripened to the point of falling off the tree. I didn’t write down dates, I just know Smyrna hasn’t turned totally yellow this year or last before freezing temperatures.


Wow. Would you share the varieties names?


I take back my previous bashing of Smyrna. Last year it was horrible tasting, but this season after a month on the counter it lost all astringency despite still being partially green before our first frost, was edible fresh although probably not to the degree most would like their fruit. It also is my most resistant to rust, haven’t had an outbreak on it yet whereas Van Deman seems to always get hit the worst. Van Deman also remained astringent despite being fully ripened and even after sitting a month on the counter. Cooks nicely though, but I prefer dual purpose quince. Smyrna also is more fragrant. Crimea is still my favorite, so far.


The actual Russian names of these varieties are:

Crimea — Krymskaya Rannyaya (Крымская ранняя), name translates as Crimean Early.

Aromatnaya — Krymskaya Aromatnaya (Крымская ароматная), name translates as Crimean Aromatic.

Kuganskaya — this name has been misspelled at some point, the actual name is Kubanskaya (Кубанская). Kuban (Кубань) is the name of a river and the respective region in southern Russia.


Thanks for clarifying Stan. I don’t know Russian personally. The information that we got from the National Clonal Germplasm office was apparently a little off.
John S