Who's ordering intergeneric hybrids this year from ARS GRiN?

I’ve been reading through some disappointing posts on shipova and find myself considering trying one of the many other intergeneric hybrids. This is what’s available http://www.ars-grin.gov/cor/catalogs/igcacc.html . I had hoped to try shipova and now suspect growing it would be something I would regret.

I want to try the Malus (Red Delicious) x Pyrus, but it says not available. It is, however, on the print list from Geneva ARS for 2016.

I’d like to trial it as a interstem between Geneva roots and pear scions. Maybe you could get a dwarf pear that produces fruit in 2 years. That would be an amazing thing. And I’d keep a branch for an F2 back-cross with pear.


Eventually someone will research some of these intergeneric trees and come up with a marketable fruit. I would love to see a new cider made from these but I lack the desire to experiment with that right now. I’ve got my hands full determining a few good pear cultivars for my orchard. If I could come up with a pear that produced fruit in 2 years perhaps I would have more time to pursue ciders.

I want to order Renet Bergamotniy front GRIN. This is forgotten variety is supposed to be a vegetative hybrid of Antonovka seedling and pear. The story is that the bud of a seedling was grafted on the pear and the pear and apple tissues fused producing the offspring with the mixed qualities. The breeder, Michurin, called Renet Bergamotniy an excellent variety, but it did not get that much attention as his many other creations. Several other varieties were bred with Renet Bergamotniy as a parent. I found one modern reference on the Russian web, where the couple of people prized Renet, for the taste, aroma and the ability to keep well long into the winter. However it seems like nobody grow it this days. Renet Bergamotniy gets bad review on ARS GRIN site, but maybe because it was tasted in the wrong time? It is supposed to be a winter variety and it should be all yellow in the storage. Anyway just out of curiosity I want to order the scions of it and just try it. Here is the picture from ARS GRIN


Is that watercore in the sliced fruit? I’m just learning about it because I got some Jonagolds from one of last year’s grafts, and it had watercore and tasted absolutely deeeee-licious! I bought some organic Jonagolds at the grocery and they weren’t half as good, and did NOT have watercore…

Yes, this called watercore. I like watercore in fruits because it means that the fruits have high sugars and they are fully ripe. It is considered bad for keeping, so many commercial growers harvest apples when they are not completely ripe.

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what would you graft an apple pear hybrid to? Would it stick to pear? or pyrus calleryana? Or apple?

As I understood it Rene Bergamotniy is considered to be on the apple side. If I get the scions I’ll try to graft it on pear too.

As I understood it Rene Bergamotniy is considered to be on the apple side. If I get the scions I’ll try to graft it on pear too.

Antmary, did you manage to acquire this one? Really interesting-looking apple!

Jumping in here to ask… ¿Can the scions be used as cuttings for rooting, or would they likely have a low strike-rate? I read about Granatnaya / Ivan’s Belle being propagated by cuttings, but I’m also wondering about the other hybrids.

I’m particularly interested in X Sorbomespilus ‘Desertnaja’, but I couldn’t find it in GRIN. ¿Does anyone here have this one?

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Antmary is another person who hasn’t posted here in quite awhile.bb