Why are leaves of my Asian pear yellowing?

Hi there!
I have few asian pears grafted onto wild pears this spring.
One of them, a Hosui, turned its leaves to yellow in 3-4 days.
What’s the problem here?

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Cool night, looks like the tree is ready to go into dormant mode.


The problem is that we didn’t had cool nights!
We have a endless summer this year, about 35°C/95°F during the day …
Two weeks ago we had few degrees less and rain but my other pears did not developed yellow leaves.

I still think this young tree will be ok. The leaves looked like a normal fall colors leaves. Some of my figs leaves are starting to turn yellow.


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Archimede, just curious if you ever figured out cause of yellowing leaves? Did tree survive? I have a similar issue on an Asian pear grafted on wild gallery on Kieffer interstem and was searching old posts.