Why aren’t Nordmann firs used more for Christmas trees?

Went to a cut-your-one tree farm today. Most Christmas tree farms around here grow some variation of:

Canaan fir
Norway Spruce
Blue Spruce
Eastern White Pine
Concolor Fir

Why not Nordmann Fir? It grows great here and makes a nice Christmas tree.

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never heard of it. where is it native to? here its balsam fir that makes the best x mas trees. has shiny bright green flat needles that don’t prick and the smell is heavily!

Not only Xmas trees…why aren’t they used in landscaping in zone 6?

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Too hot and humid here (Maryland) for balsam fir to grow well.

Living in Rhode Island, Norway pine grows along with blue spruce and and Frazier fir! Now Frazier fir smells like Christmas but Balsam is the all time favorite. The Balsam from Maine is brought in for sale but usually too early. Most of them look like ‘Charlie Brown’s ‘ Xmas tree by the time you get it home. They try out very quickly. In my column I usually suggest Frazier Fir.

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yet norway spruce, blue spruce, white pine and concolor fir grow great here. must be right at the edge of its range. balsam fir like a cool understory so that makes sense.

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I know Canaan (subspecies of Balsam from W. Virginia) grows fine in central Kentucky, as does Concolor fir.
Have planted several.

I know where there’s a field full of Nordmann and Ernst firs in Clark Country Kentucky. For sale.

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How many of you grow your own Xmas trees? When my wife wants one I just go out on the property and cut the top out of one of my spruces and then retrain it to a central leader.

We aren’t all that picky, but I think either my Norway, Colorado blues, or other spruces look just fine. I like a sparsely branched tree- takes less ornamentation and shows it better.

Not exactly sure the exact varieties, but i have a few spruce that are Christmas tree size now. I got mine from Musser Forest years ago. They’ve done well.

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Yeah, I ordered some of my trees from them years ago. Also got bundles from the soil conservation district annual sale. Not much difference in price. Cheap.