Why can’t I find parafilm tape on Amazon?

Are you telling me the $50 dollar a roll made in Japan Aglis perforated Buddy tape doesn’t look appealing to you?

My go to is parafilm m and secure with electrical tape at the connection. Works great.

I like vinyl budding tape better than parafilm as it is much stronger and stretches easily, cheap too. I do use parafilm to wrap scions so they don’t dry out and vinyl for grafting. Vinyl has to be cut off some time in the future.

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Hey now, only $40 at OGW!

I got that roll a little over a year ago because I couldn’t find parafilm M available at that moment, and I’m happy with it so far. I usually get 2-3 grafts per perforated segment, so each roll should be good for 2000+ grafts.

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:slight_smile: lol Fair enough, I tried it a few times, but I feel like I am using gold plated tape every time I use it. It’s definitely not a practical/economical option for bark grafting on mature trees. For all bench grafting or W/T,V, banana, I totally get/see it’s appeal.

Be thankful you’re not in Canada, because you’re lucky if you can find either parafilm or buddy tape here. If it is available in the States, finding a seller that ships to Canada is often difficult. The price you Americans pay are further inflated by at least a third, or even 50% when currency conversion fees are totaled up. Then there is sometimes duties on top of the horrendous international shipping rates. I finally got a roll of buddy tape this winter. I’m not really used to it yet, and I’m finding I still use parafilm more because I’m just far more comfortable working with it.

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I spent about $20 for my grafting experience this year. I grafted over 50 plus scions or maybe over 100 scions, I still have 1/3 of my Parafilm tape, call me cheap, but I like it, good enough for a home gardener.

$6 for Fedco Parafilm
$6 for 2 Templex 2155 from Lowes and HD, still have 1 whole Templex and another half not used.
$12 for grafting knife.

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I’m surprised people are bashing the 1/2" wide parafilm grafting tape. It’s been my preferred type for years and I wouldn’t dream of switching to 1" wide or buddy tape.


Figbid has it.



This demonstrates how much grafting tape has went up in price in a year. Purchase by the box in bulk.

This is garden tape, which i like to use as well.

found it here:

Since it is a lab supply it is kind of expensive… :frowning:

Thanks! Got some.

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Great info on where to get this parafilm tape. Thanks to all that helped us.

I’ve always ordered the 2" parafilm roll and just cut in in half with sharp scissors as I pull it out of the box. The backing is inconvenient so I usually take it off first, and then chop it all into 4" lengths, throw them in a a ziplock bag. I would like to try buddy tape to compare if anyone knows where to order it, one green world lists Canada at the checkout but doesn’t seem to fully support shipping here.

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I noticed the price went up significantly on amazon’s parafilm this year, and I agree it’s expensive to import and most suppliers either won’t ship to Canada or they pad the shipping cost for the inconvenience.

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Agree the backing is inconvenient, but it’s there for a reason. If you’re out on a warm sunny day, your strips may end up really stuck together. Or, maybe it doesn’t get that hot up in the Great White North. lol.

I cut it in half as I go. I feel like it gets less stretchy and easier to break if I pull the paper off ahead of time. It’s definitely easier to work with when the weather is a little bit warmer. So is templex tape. The loose ends stretches better and attaches more easily to itself than in colder weather.

I’ll cut enough to use for a day or two and keep it in a bag, usually it’s fine to pull apart. Maybe you’re right it’s usually cool out when I’m grafting… I use an old tool belt for field grafting so one of my front pouches is a bag of cut parafilm strips and another has a roll of budding tape.

When it is chilly . . . and it usually IS when doing most of the grafting . . . I keep my roll in my pocket, where it will stay warm. Same with my chapstick! :grin: Really! And there is such a difference in ‘stretch’, when wrapping scions indoors, before heading out. The parafilm is so much more cooperative!

I usually end up wrapping the scions I’m sending to others - and the ones I receive or buy. I do this indoors, at my kitchen counter. Frankly, it’s a rather ‘cozy’ task, listening to music or an audio book! The ‘blooming’ end can stay wrapped when grafting - and the other end gets unwrapped enough to cut. Saves a bit of time and numb fingers, out in the orchard.


Just bought another Parafilm from Fedco, they have it again.
$6 will last me a long time because I’m now an experienced grafter, lol, andthat means I won’t waste Parafilm anymore than necessary.